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Westpac ATM

About This Project


Westpac Group




6 Months

Production team:

Marcus Brooke

Westpac Group wanted to improve the time it took to withdraw money from their 3,000 + ATMs. I was engaged to fix their ATM interactions and service. Changing the paradigm of a traditional screen by screen interaction at ATMs, to a simpler single screen.

Produced all the work and validated it’s outputs across the Westpac group (4 brands)

  • Stakeholder management
  • Design Thinking
  • CX design
  • UX/UI design
  • Cross-branding for all Westpac group ATM brands
  • Service design (environmental conditions considerations across 3,000 ATMs)
  • Test management – recruit, perform, synthesis, report
  • Launch in market
  • Testing x 4
  • 1. High fidelity on cardboard prototype – Gorilla
  • 2. High fidelity on ATM in Westpac offices
  • 3. High fidelity on ATM in Westpac test branch environment
  • 4. High fidelity on ATM in real branch servicing customers
  • Reporting & recommendations

Reduced speeds for withdrawing cash, which automatically remembered your last choices and reduced the withdraw process to 25 seconds.


CX, Machine interface, Service Design, UI, UX