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Toyota Europe

About This Project


Toyota Europe




6 weeks

Production team:

Marcus Brooke, Paul Musgrave

Toyota Europe had a new car coming out called the Aygo and they wanted to create a buzz about it. Amaze needed to come up with some ideas for this car and the Geneva Motor Show, which was also turning 75. Amaze then turned to their trusty creative consultants of Musgrave, with Paul and Marcus leading the charge..

Paul and Marcus came up with the idea to create an interactive ‘pod’ that visitors could sit in, with a touch screen based on lifestyle choices of the target audience. In addition we suggested that the pod could be decorated by local graffiti artists to give the idea a local voice. A 3-D designer realised our ideas and subsequently through CAD drawings the pod was created.

Approximately 25% of the 750,000 visitors interacted with the pod, and live images were beamed out into the Motor show, Toyota Europe were very happy with the customer response.


Creative Direction, CX, Industrial Design, Service Design, UI, UX