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About This Project


Tabcorp Group




6 Months

Production team:

Marcus Brooke

Who would have thought that the humble form could be of such importance to a business. When you’ve got a billion dollar company to keep and grow, it might be worth while investing in those new customers.

Multi-million dollar form – You bet!
I was engaged to look at the TAB on boarding process for an initial period, the contract was then extended for other UX aspects of the TAB business.

My approach to tackling the on boarding solution was divided into the following areas of activity

  • Understanding the business needs
  • Research & Analysis
  • Mapping of existing environment
  • Ideation and reformulation
  • Scamps and high level visual solutions
  • Stakeholder discovery & involvement
  • Prototyping & Customer testing & iteration
  • TAB Presentation and optimising
  • Reporting on WIP and UX activity
  • Recommending optimal on boarding path
  • Production activity for the Agile sprint planning and support, as part of the business sign-off.

During the Spring Racing carnival 50,000 new customers signed up, 73% of new customers placed bets. Average spend of $150.00 per new customer that outperformed the nearest channel by at least 14%
$5.4 million projected revenue


Campaign / Promotional, CX, Service Design, Stakeholder Management, UX, Website